List of Software

WavRok! (Sound Recorder)

It is an application that can record the sound source of other applications and record together with the audio source being played.


Re:Sample (Resampling Audio Frequency)

A tool that converts the sampling frequency of WAV format audio files.


RTP packet simple analyser

It is an application that analyzes RTP packets from communication packets captured by "wireshark" etc. and displays the contents.


ToneMaker (Tone Generation Tool)

It is an application that generates short tone sound source data such as DTMF sound and key touch sound.


Pseudo Terminal

It is an application that pseudo-substitutes the sending and receiving of commands with the communication partner.


HTTP POSTer (HTTP request test application)

Request from HTTP client It is an application to freely set the query string and content contents in the message and request to the HTTP server.


MQTT Monitor (MQTT client application)

A client (Publisher / Sbscriber) application for MQTT communication.


DHCPOpt (DHCP Test Server)

A DHCP server for debugging that allows you to freely set DHCP option strings.


Multi Port Terminal 2 (Terminal Software)

It is simple terminal software using the serial port, the parallel port, TCP/IP(socket) and USB port.


MPEG-PS Stream Analizer

This is an application that analyzes the packet information of MPEG-PS format files and displays the contents.

The address/size/stream type of each MPEG-PS packet can be displayed in a list.


RECO List (Scheduled recording application)

It is an application that records audio data at a predetermined date and time.


Hexadecimal Text-Binary Conversion Tool

It is an application that converts binary data into hexadecimal notation text in order to embed resource files such as bitmaps in the source code with a built-in program.


Font Editor

It is an application that edits font files in FONTX format.


KPrint Message Monitor (Debug message monitor)

It is an application for outputting debug messages from a Windows application in the same way as printf().


MPEG-TS Capter & Transfer

It is by way of IEEE1394 and a tool of the MPEG-TS stream from the HDV camera and D-VHS, etc. from which it is written capture and returns it.