WavRok! - Sound Recorder


"WavRok! - Sound Recorder" is an application that allows you to record with the audio source being played in addition to the function as a normal sound recorder.

Also, you can now record sound sources from your computer without a sound mixer.

The main function is as follows.

  • Recording from microphone and line inputs.
  • Loopback recording that records the sound source currently being played on a computer as it is.
  • Dubbing recording that simultaneously records the playback sound source of audio files such as WAV files and the sound source from the microphone input.

See the online help for detailed operation.

"WavRok! - Sound Recorder" is a paid apps.
Please buy the license key to keep using it.

Limitation for trial period.

There is the following limitations up to the purchase of the license key.

  • The trial period is 14 days.
  • It cannot be used after the trial period.
  • All functions can be used for the trial period.


The price of the license key is as follows.

Priceļ¼š 3,850 YEN (JPY)

One license is required for each user.

After the license key is obtained, money is not returned.
Please confirm software for the trial period. And, please buy the license key when continuously using it.

How to buy license key

The purchase price of the license key can be paid on the PayPal.

  • Please click the following buttons if you want to buy it. It moves to PayPal.

    The license key is E-mailed to E-mail Address used on the PayPal.

Please inquire from "Inquiry Form" when E-mail doesn't reach even if several hours pass after payment.

Use condition

  • Neither the author nor the related group assume the responsibility to any damage that uses this software and occurs.
  • Neither the author nor the related group owe the obligation of the upgrade for the repair of trouble to this software and the functional improvement.
  • Neither the author nor the related group owe the obligation of any support to this software.
  • When part or all of this software are distributed again, the author's permission is necessary for prior.
  • Please buy the license key to keep using it.


File NameWAVROK1000.zip
OSWindows 10


Version Date History
Ver1.0.0.0 2021.11.09 New release.