Welcome to Kanazawa-Software-Design.

We are doing development and sales of original software.

List of Software

Pseudo Terminal

It is an application that pseudo-substitutes the sending and receiving of commands with the communication partner.


HTTP POSTer (HTTP request test application)

Request from HTTP client It is an application to freely set the query string and content contents in the message and request to the HTTP server.


MQTT Monitor (MQTT client application)

A client (Publisher / Sbscriber) application for MQTT communication.


DHCPOpt (DHCP Test Server)

A DHCP server for debugging that allows you to freely set DHCP option strings.


Multi Port Terminal 2 (Terminal Software)

It is simple terminal software using the serial port, the parallel port, TCP/IP(socket) and USB port.


MPEG-TS Capter & Transfer

It is by way of IEEE1394 and a tool of the MPEG-TS stream from the HDV camera and D-VHS, etc. from which it is written capture and returns it.