KPrint Message Monitor (Debug message monitor)


"KPrint Message Monitor" is a tool for outputting debug messages from Windows applications in the same way as printf().

Please use it when step tracing cannot be performed with the debugger, such as when debugging the screen display.

It can be used from applications written in C/C++.

The 2-byte codes that can be displayed on the message display screen are S-JIS and UNICODE.

See the online help for detailed operation.

Use condition

  • Neither the author nor the related group assume the responsibility to any damage that uses this software and occurs.
  • Neither the author nor the related group owe the obligation of the upgrade for the repair of trouble to this software and the functional improvement.
  • Neither the author nor the related group owe the obligation of any support to this software.
  • When part or all of this software are distributed again, the author's permission is necessary for prior.


OSWindows 10


Version Date History
Ver1.10 2022.05.01

Supports English display. Online help support.

Ver1.02 2011.06.15

Unicode compatible.

Ver1.01 2008.02.25

Fixed a bug that an exception error occurs when using floating point numbers in the argument of kprintf().

Ver1.00 2008.01.13

New release.